Misery Peddlers Suck.

Driving today so instead of a fresh blog turning my spot over to a friend and fellow blogger whose views are, shall we say, unique. I can’t say I agree with everything Amanda Kerri writes, but above all else: I love her style, her outspokenness and her comic stylings. Oh, sorry — I mean, she’s damn funny. And she makes a good point here. Ladies and gentlemen and others: Amanda Kerri!

Nihilism is Pointless.

I’m sure that Leelah Alcorn would be happy knowing she accomplished one thing with her final act. She got all trans people to agree that her end was tragic. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only thing that trans people; hell, any sort of marginalized group, can agree on. That tragedy is bad. I think that is the biggest reason I waited so long to write anything about it. I really hate the tragedy bandwagon. Hashtags, retweets, petitions, indignant op-eds, all come flooding out when these tragic things happen. I think my personal favorites are the teamsters that drive the indignation wagon. You know the one I’m talking about; the loud shouty ones who write article after article that are nothing but wailing and lamentations, even when nothing is happening. When it’s a slow week at the angst mill, they go out looking for that faux pas that someone makes…

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