Get Out When You Can!


14055013_10210281391411337_1557086871318331737_n.jpgMy latest YouTube video is dedicated to the wonderful women of my widows group, who have helped me to feel human again by getting me out of the house and connecting with them outside our biweekly sessions to explore our grief.

We all went out recently, had a few drinks, had a lot of laughs at a local comedy club, and bonded. I’m so grateful to them for including me and making me feel welcome and a part of their sisterhood.

Not one of us would give up a chance to have those we lost back in our lives, but since that’s not possible, we have each other. And my video this week is really for every person who feels cut off, and alone. It’s important to get out, make new friends and find connections. To find time for ourselves to grow and be with other grownups once in awhile.

I’m very glad my friends found me!


One thought on “Get Out When You Can!

  1. Dear Dawn,
    Hope this message finds you well. ​I​’m writing to invite you to​ ​UNTITLED, a day-long symposium​ ​on​ ​gender​,​​ ​representation​ and identity​​ taking place ​​​​October 1 at ​​SVA Theatre, 333 West 23rd Street from ​​9:30am-7:00pm featuring:
    ​​Jennifer Blessing, Senior Photography Curator, The Guggenheim Museum.
    ​​Zackary Drucker, artist and performance artist, ​producer​ to Transparent on Amazon.
    ​​Kate Bornstein, playwright and author, Gender Outlaw, On Men, Women and the Rest of Us.
    ​​M. Lamar, composer.
    ​​Ron Gregg, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, Yale University.
    ​​Diana Tourjee, cultural critic and writer
    ​​Niv Acosta, dance artist
    ​​Zanele Muholi, photographer and activist.

    The symposium will include panels on queer histories and photography, gender outlaws, fashion and gender, transfeminism, and gender and performance​- topics that ​reflect ​a ​larger cultural narrative​ on the impact of ​gender and the function of visual representation in gender-identity​ on the society at large​ beyond the initial classroom conversations that ​inspired this symposium. ​​The event is organized by Stephen Frailey & Joseph Maida of SVA’s BFA Department of Photography and Video and the School of Visual Arts​ and will be live streamed at​​.

    W​ould you be interested in attending and or covering? That would be fantastic.

    I look forward to your response.


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