My goal in writing this blog is to express my feelings as I feel them, uncovering emotions and freeing long repressed memories, as I build my new life.


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  1. Hi. Glad I found you thanks to The Advocate. I thought you disappeared after your “Alexis Meade” period. (Alexis was a trans woman on the show “Ugly Betty” who…well, you know the rest.) I also found your Linkedin listing and saw some familiar names on the resume. See, I visit the Bay Area frequently (though I only know of Point Reyes from the Synanon rehab facility-turned-cult being there) and tune in to the local talk radio. Did you know Lloyd Lindsay Young is there? “Hellooooooo The Bronx!” He does the weather on iHeart Radio’s talk station KKSF AM 910. And sometimes he’s joined by Gil Gross! Yes, Gross has returned to doing local radio in S.F., though he’s still national on “Real Estate Today” which he records at crosstown KSFO AM 560. KKSF also briefly aired Randi Rhodes before she retired; you may remember her from WAPP-FM and AIr America Radio. Rhodes was transferred last winter from KKSF’s sister station AM 960, which used to be progressive (i.e., liberal) and once aired a weekly LGBT programme, “Swirl Radio.” One of its commentators was Mia Macy; yes, of Macy v. Holder fame. THE POINT IS, at least you have some former colleagues and rivals to visit when you go out there next year and maybe even do some press. Oh, and when you get to Atlanta please look up Mike Malloy, formerly of CNN and AIr America and probably the USA’s angriest liberal radio talker, who thinks Pres. Obama is too right-wing. Good luck with the move, and with your rebirth.


    • Sorry it took me weeks to reply. I am still looking for something that will remove my drama magnet. Yes, Mia and I are friends, and I’ve been in sporadic contact with Lloyd. Isn’t it amazing about Gil? I do love SF, my favorite city in the world. One of my goals for 2015 is to make a return trip up the coast of California. It’s been 14 years!

      Thanks for finding me, and keep in touch, please. I do miss Ugly Betty and indeed, I do recall Alexis.



  2. The real information is available in psychiatrist Richard Fitzgibbons’s “Gender Identity Disorder in Children” and “The Desire for a Sex Change.”

    You are a very sick man. The truth is reaching more and more Americans. “LGBTQ equality” will sink of its own weight. Real science at http://www.narth.com.


    • Sharon I’m going to allow you to post your comment so that everyone can see you for what you are. No response from me is necessary.


  3. People like “Karen” above engage in keyboard psychoanalysis as they claim that gender is a cause for sickness. If they had truly benevolent motives and truly believed that trans= illness, then they would phrased it by saying so without personalizing it.


  4. Ben Shaprio is not “Transphobic” for stating a biological fact. Also, Tur being upset with Ben Shaprio for calling him “sir” doesn’t give him the right to put his hands on Ben and threaten him. I am glad Ben Shaprio filed charges to tech the LGBT community a lesson.


    • Don: so you want Shapiro “to tech the LGBT community a lesson?”

      Maybe first someone should teach you a lesson, as in how to spell “teach?”


  5. Hi Dawn,

    I am a straight person with no personal experiences with transgender (or at least openly transgender) folks. I live in a typical metro city area where I’ve seen it all. Great acts of social justice and great selfish acts. I truly want to understand what transgender means for the larger picture of society but especially for children, as I will soon explain to my 7 year old what the word means. My wife and I teach our child to be inclusive, to be respectful (not tolerant as some like to explain ) so that they can see people for who they are inside. It’s an uphill battle, even here. Help me understand, from your perspective, a good way to break down the transgender or transcurious concept while being able to answer the inevitable come-back question from my smartiepants….”am I transgender?” “Will I be transgender?” As a parent we get concerned kids get fixated on concepts, like talking about their poop and butt cheeks (this is all the kids his age talk about). I worry about how my kid and other kids may unnecessarily get fixated on their body parts in misunderstanding the transgender concept as a scientific solution to correct the way someone was born physically. And please correct me if the transgender community consists of more than those who feel this was something they were born into, as that was my general understanding.
    Thank you!


    • Hello, Steve!
      I’m sorry it took me two weeks to reply to your question but tonight’s video serves as my reply! It’s been an awful two weeks in the news business, full of death and destruction, and my focus has been on covering the tragedy after tragedy and trying to be the best parent to my kids. I know I cannot shield them from the awful world outside but I applaud you and your wife for giving your seven year old the best foot forward. If you feel it’s appropriate, I recorded this video with the thought that a child might view it. I also heartily encourage you to check out Jazz Jennings. She’s a trans girl with a website and a TLC reality show, I Am Jazz in which she and her family come to terms with what it is to be a transgender child. Thank you so much for your thoughtful question and I hope I answered it satisfactorily! The video is uploading now to my YouTube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7q4nmEelMJ_I97C5-8hQwA )and I will share it here on lifeafterdawn.com as well.
      Best wishes!


  6. Hello! Im doing a senior Project about the LGBT Community and we needed to have 20 sources. I chose one of your topics as a very good source but i also needed to write about the author. If its not to personal, can you tell me what college you studied at and about your educational life. Thank you!!
    Also if its not too much, can you recommend me other sources? This is literally our final exam for English and its my last year at high school 🙂


    • Congrats on (almost) finishing high school, Louie!
      I was fortunate enough to win a four-year, full-tuition scholarship to the School of Visual Arts in New York City, to study journalism. I had attended an all-boys Catholic prep school on Long Island, Chaminade, of which I am now proud to say I’m the only female graduate! It was a hard experience but without my education there, and the opportunity it afforded me to work at the school newspaper and the television station, both in front of the camera and behind it.

      SVA’s Communication Arts Department was an experiment, with just a dozen students in my class, and we were only the second class from our department to graduate. SVA was and remains a premier school for art and film, but journalism was new. And given it was a free ride, I was willing to take the risk.

      One reason was because it was smack in the media capital of the world, NYC. In the September of my sophomore year, I landed an internship at CNN’s New York bureau and within a month, they hired me as a part-time employee. I would go on to work for CNN straight out of college.

      SVA didn’t have a TV station but I did work at the radio station and rose from deejay and news reporter to news director. Just as in high school, I wrote for the newspaper and spent my four years learning the ins and outs of journalism, playwriting, computer art, logic, poetry, politics — and women’s studies. For my senior year thesis I wrote and produced an investigative report into gun control, in which a student who owns a gun spoke about why he felt it necessary to be armed. He brought the gun to school for our interview, and held it as we discussed the issue. The look on the reporter’s face as she watched him hold that weapon spoke a thousand words.

      It was also in college that I covered one of the hardest stories of my life: the January 28, 1986 explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. I was a senior and was joined on the air by a freshman cub reporter, Wendy Lachs.

      We had met back in October, and since then had been dating; a decade later, we wed. That was the happiest day of my life, and we went on to have three children. I had kept from her and everyone the secret I carried, for something I didn’t even have a word for. But sometime after our tenth wedding anniversary, I started to explore coming out as transgender. My college classmates were among those I told first, back in 2013, just before I came out to the world.

      The rest you can read here on my blog!

      If you’d like to find other sources, I recommend talking to my very good friend Maia Monet who is also trans. She’s a graduate at Princeton who also met her spouse in college. She’s now divorced but living authentically. Here’s her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/melodymaia

      If you’re interested, send me an email at dawnennis@gmail.com and I’ll connect you!

      Good luck!



  7. Dear Dawn,
    We are raising funds to publish our latest book called: “Just another Gender Theory” by Filippo Romanelli, a young Italian photographer.

    The whole book is a photographic reflection on how the concepts of masculine and feminine have been created and how these consequently lead to power relations based on gender.

    Please have a look and give us your feedback. Thank you in advance!




  8. I was curious as to why you chose Judaism instead of the Christianity? Were you ever a Christian? I don’t mean someone who says “I’m a Christian”, but someone who truly realized they were a sinner in need of a savior and truly repented of their sins. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear back. 🙂


  9. You are a fake woman, with fake breasts and soon to be fake Jew. How dare you attack a young lady athlete who is at a disadvantage competing against fake women. Some day you will stand before a holy God as a man and you will have to give an account of your life, and you will be weighed in the balance and found wanting and He will cast you into the Lake of Fire for all eternity, unless, you repent of your sins (homosexuality and transgenderism) and commit your life to Christ.


    • Nope. Real woman. Real breasts (Had them since I was a teenager, grew ’em myself, even had a breast REDUCTION in 2017). I didn’t attack anyone. I called her out for lying and for omission of facts and misgendering. I can appreciate you have your opinions of me, but what does my religion have to do with any of your criticism? I am not gay, so that’s one sin I won’t have to repent for. And since you seem to know so much about me, then you know that after half a century in which I committed myself to Christ, His church abandoned me. So I’m good. I just wanted you to know I saw your message, and I send you my love.


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